Located in beautiful Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, we passionately offer high quality natural and organic skin care products that benefit your skin and body.

Inspired by the beautiful Canadian Rockies, we imagined bringing the purest natural skin care products to people around the world all the while promoting the power of natural ingredients. Today, our dream has become a reality through Lilatural.

We create an exquisite line of skin care products derived from mother nature’s finest ingredients. Our products are created in a USDA certified organic manufacturing facility, and we use as many high quality, nutrient dense natural ingredients as are available. We adamantly pursue ingredients that contain no harsh chemicals and avoid them in our products. You will not find parabens, silicones, petroleum, mineral oil, synthetic dyes, or synthetic fragrances in our products. That is our promise.

Quality ingredients as close as possible to their raw form, go into every single batch of our products. The result is soft, clean, rejuvenated skin. Today’s beauty markets are full of harmful chemicals. We want to break the mold.

Choose Lilatural for pure, natural skincare goodness. Choose us for organic products. Choose us because we truly care about what goes onto your skin. But above all, consider choosing us if you want to enjoy healthier skin without harmful chemicals. We are committed to your health.